Whitetail Deer Habitat Consulting for Today’s Land Owner and Hunter

Thank you for visiting my website. If your reading this, then you are a landowner or a hunter that is seeking information on how to improve your hunting property.

I compile one of the most detailed and comprehensive land management plans you will find available in the land management business. My 25 plus years of habitat improving and manipulation goes to work for you when you hire Habitat Solutions.

In addition to my site visit and time I spend with you on your property recommending  numerous improvements from bedding cover, food plots, travel corridors, made made pinch points and stand set-ups and locations. You receive a management plan that puts it all in writing for you. I take the guess work out of the equation, you get step by step set instructions on how to manage, improve and transform your property. It can be as small as 10 acres or over 1000, my methods work and I have the customer testimonials to back it up! to read what my clients have to say click here.

What I do is different, no one in this business delivers the quality and attention to details that I do, so you may find yourself waiting to get me to your property. But as they say things worth waiting for are usually well worth the wait!

After I have been to your property and its been 6 months or the following year. You have my plan and work list to check off whats been accomplished and what to focus on in upcoming working weekends. That’s what is so great about what I produce for you, a document and architectural drawing that lays out everything you need to know and do as you move forward in your habitat management program.

What do you get when you hire Habitat Solutions

  • A 20-30page professionally written management plan
  • A high quality well engineered map/layout/plan
  • Food plot recommendations, locations and success tips


  • Stand locations and set-up assistance
  • Bedding locations, sanctuary areas and screening
  • Stand entry and exit strategies
  • Rutting and scraping zones built into your “core” areas
  • Steering methods for predicting deer movement patterns

Strong customer support comes with each one of my plans, you can call or e-mail me. I will work with you and listen to your concerns and help you with your problem or recommend a new approach to your situation. I will return your call or e-mail your questions back to you, I may be out of town and unavailable occasionally but I follow up with all customers.

Prices and terms

0-300 acres…………………………………………….$ 1195.00 plus travel*

300+ acres……………………………………………..Call for Pricing*

*Travel cost are charged at the mileage rate of .55 cents/mile

$ 300.00 deposit is required to book and hold a plan date, $ 595.00 plus travel cost, if any, due on site visit and $ 300.00 due when the finalized plan is shipped. Your detailed plan and site map will be mailed to you approximately 2-4 months after the visit. Doing these plans requires time, if I am on the road or on a property I am not writing your plan so be advised it may take a while to get your personalized one of kind management plan.

Booking a plan? Call, email, or send a check made payable to:

Habitat solutions
PO Box 191
Addison, Michigan 49220
(517) 547-8071 jake@qualityskullmounts.com


Deer Habitat Consultant — 4 Comments

  1. I am interesting in have a management plan developed for my land in New York. I have about 90 acres. Do you do any consulting work in New York?


  2. Hey Jake. I am interested in having you take a look at my 40 acres in Lapeer Co. I have 8 acres of mature hardwoods and the rest is tillable. My only problem is that I do not have access to a lot of farm equipment. I may be able to get a quad with a disk, but that is able it. Is is still possible to plant all those plots with minimal equipment? Are you booked up this year? Thanks Jeremy