Whitetail Deer Habitat Consultant

Hi my name is Jake Ehlinger and I’m a Whitetail Deer Habitat Consultant and owner of Habitat Solutions. I love to help land owners transform their hunting land into a whitetail deer habitat oasis. When you hire Habitat Solutions, you get more than 45 years of experience and knowledge to turn your deer desert into a wildlife paradise.

At Habitat Solutions, we offer two services: custom land management plans and demonstration workshops.

With our custom land management plans, we will visit your hunting parcel and create a master plan recommending changes you need to make that will increase your property’s deer population over time.

We also offer one-day demonstration workshop where you can spend a day learning the best techniques to create your own Deer Factory.

At Habitat Solutions, I share your passion for the outdoors and the thrill of the hunt. I have devoted myself to understanding the true keys of hunting success and wildlife habitat management. When you consult Habitat Solutions, I teach you how to bring your hunting land to life with practical, economical and easy-to-follow instructions so that you never have to spend another day in the stand wishing you were hunting elsewhere. Once you have completed my recommendations to improve your hunting, your hunting enjoyment and success will more than meet your expectations.

Change your hunting thought process from relying on luck and if to predictability! Deer movement can be directed and adapted to utilize your land for much more of their daylight movement patterns, but you have to have a plan and execute that plan. Are you that guy? Or are you going to have the same hunting you’ve always had? It all starts with you.

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November 12th 2011 archery buck, the greatest point about this buck is he is 5-1/2+ years old.
You too can see and harvest bucks like this on your small property. With my custom management plan executed correctly, you will create the environment bucks like these need to stay comfortable and live their lives there.
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